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Space Career Info Day with OHB System AG attracts large group of interested students

Announcement Space Career Info Day with OHB System AB

For students of space sciences and technologies, electrical engineering, physics, industrial mathematics, systems engineering and related courses the Space Career Info Day with OHB System AG offered the opportunity to get informed about the possibilities and different fields in space industry. OHB members presented examples from pre-development, software, quality assurance and IAT to give students the idea of what a job in space instustry might look like. The event attracted a large group of highly interested students and closed with a guided tour through the OHB satellite programmes.

Welcome to the department of physics and elcectrical engineering, Prof. Myrzik!

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Johanna Myrzik has just joined the Institute for Automation at the department of physics and electrical engineering. Prof. Myrzik's research will focus on automation technologies in electrical energy systems and power grids. She is especially interested in the modelling, control and management of complex hybrid multi-mode systems and in the energy management for efficient energy supply for communities and industry. Research and teaching positions in the Netherlands and in Germany made her a specialist in the fields of inclusion of renewable energies and their modelling as well as energy efficiency and power quality. Prof. Myrzik will now support the research and teaching activities at department 1 and we wish her a pleasant start.

New seminar series: "Fascination Space"

2018 counts as the Bremen Year of Space. A new seminar series under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Claus Lämmerzahl (ZARM/Uni Bremen) and PD Dr. Annette Ladstätter-Weißenmayer (IUP/Uni Bremen) supports this endeavour. In "Fascination Space - On the Scientific and Practical use of Astronautics" scientists of the University of Bremen and guest speakers present a variety of space topics, linking space research and application. Zur Ankündigung

300 times thinner than a human hair: New development in tiniest nano-laser

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Physicists of Department 1 "Physics & Electrical Engineering" are part of an international science team that developed an extremely energy-efficient nano-laser. The expertise from the Institute of Theoretical Physics of the University of Bremen helped detect the light emissions at microscopic scale. Read press release (German only)

New knowledge in understanding the optical and electric properties of flexible displays on bended surfaces

The Institute for Theoretical Physics contributed to new insights in the field of atomically thin materials for flexible displays on bended surfaces. Read press release (German only)


Joint Solid State Physics Seminar

Every Tuesday during semester the solid state physicists of IFP and ITP meet for a joint seminar.


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