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Materials for the Photonics of Tomorrow

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Novel, atomically thin materials could be used in the future as energy-efficient and versatile light sources. Physicists from the University of Bremen have now published the results of their research into these materials in the journal “Nature Physics.” Read press release by the Univsersity of Bremen

Space Career Info Day with OHB System AG attracts large group of interested students

Announcement Space Career Info Day with OHB System AB

For students of space sciences and technologies, electrical engineering, physics, industrial mathematics, systems engineering and related courses the Space Career Info Day with OHB System AG offered the opportunity to get informed about the possibilities and different fields in space industry. OHB members presented examples from pre-development, software, quality assurance and IAT to give students the idea of what a job in space instustry might look like. The event attracted a large group of highly interested students and closed with a guided tour through the OHB satellite programmes.


Joint Solid State Physics Seminar

Every Tuesday during semester the solid state physicists of IFP and ITP meet for a joint seminar.


 Here you will find the current program.